Saturday, November 17, 2012

What is Quality Work?

In the classroom we are learning and working hard on creating quality work. A lot of time in class has been spent on learning how to develop this skill. The students are starting to think about their writing and drawing skills before they start, their brains are getting trained to slow down and add details to their writing and drawings. One of the walls in our classroom is now dedicated to quality work. We reference this board many times throughout the day to remind ourselves of these skills.

 Take a moment and read what we've declared what is quality work in our class. There is even three student work samples that I found in the student's work tablets from the 2nd quarter. 

Look at this blog entry with your child and ask them to tell you about it. 
You might want to ask: "What is quality work?" "Can you tell me something you do to make sure your work is quality work?" "If my writing and drawings are messy or done without details would that be quality work?" "How do you do your best in your tablet?"

Here are student work samples of quality work... why?
He's got sight words spelled correctly, an uppercase at the beginning of his sentence, he used finger spaces between his words, he added colors and details to his drawing, his picture matches his sentence, and his person has a full body (not a "stick" person).  Way to go, Luke!

I hope this helps you understand the classroom expectations for writing in our class. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Mystery Reader

Luke's mom came in as a mystery reader today!!!! It was so fun to surprise Luke. She read us two books and we loved it!!!! 

Thank you for coming in! 

Our Turkeys!

The Thanksgiving holiday is coming up. We spent some time this morning on a fun craft using coffee filters, markers, and water. We also exercised our cutting and gluing skills when we make the turkey's body. 
They all turned out so unique! 

Here, the kiddos are coloring the coffee filters with markers. 

Zachary is now adding water with a paint brush. The marker colors are starting to blend! The students thought this was very neat! 

Now, we are making the Turkey's bodies! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

What is Mrs. Smith Going to Have?

Today for math each kid got to vote on what they thought Mrs. Smith's baby is going to be. A boy? or A girl? The kids were very excited to cast their vote. After each student got a chance to make their guess and tape it onto the poster, we had a rich conversation about voting, personal choice, and we talked about how the vote (in this case) had a "tie" and what that means. It was a neat mini lesson and we had fun guessing... soon we will see which group was right! Can't wait! 

Landen is thinking about his guess....

Here are the students taping up their votes! 

Pohai is counting and checking to see what the voting results are!

The final results! 10 say GIRL and 10 say BOY!