Monday, November 28, 2011

Planting in the school garden!

This visit was all about getting down and dirty! We broke into two groups. Dr. Pan took one group. Dr. Pan's group got  to help the guppies into their new fish tank that will stay in our garden! The other group went with Miss. Tricia for planting radishes, carrots, and squash.

In this picture Dr. Pan and Ms. Tricia were talking to us about the garden rules and telling us the plan for this afternoon! 

Dr. Pan and the kiddos

These are our guppies! 

First, Dr. Pan put rocks and dirt at the bottom of the tank. He said the guppies like the water to be murky and dark. Next, we got water from the hose and filled buckets with water. This was a great time for our teamwork skills to come into play and they DID! Our class rocks at sharing and helping out! 

Seeing the tank for the first time. 

Dropping the dirt in.
Time to add water.
Thiago was the hose monitor.
Chloe was his helper!
The group carried the tubs of water to the fish tank. 

Look at all those helping hands! 
Rolling up the hose. Cleaning up what we use is important in the garden. No body likes a messy school garden :) 
Water is poured in. Now, time to add plants. These plants provide shelter for the guppies. 
Time to add the guppies! 
We have to cover the top with a screen. Dr. Pan said guppies like to jump out of the tank and we don't want that happening! You can see the guppies if you stop by our garden after school. Just remember, no tapping on the glass- it scares the little guppies!!! 

Miss. Tricia's group was busy planting seeds in the garden beds. We discovered worms! We always learned that the worms are helpful for growing plants and makes the dirt healthy! It was fun to get our hands dirty.
Ms. Tricia telling us all about the different kinds of seeds.
Made rows in the dirt for planting. 
Dropping the seeds into the dirt. 

Everyone got a turn.
Dean discovered these neat little balls of stone in the soil.
They are perfect examples of a sphere! 

Covering the seeds we just planted. 

This is a radish seed. Pretty neat, right?

It was a great after noon in the garden. My class had so much fun!
 I hope you enjoyed this posting and can see how much fun they had from all the pictures! 

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